How a young girl’s father should be

If I had daughters I would give my prettiest daughter to a man who is socially disadvantaged in some way.  I feel that it is a benevolent deed to give a beautiful young woman to an ugly, disabled, or otherwise undesired by society man.

The archetype of the over protective dad is interfering with the girl’s right to marry.

As for money the man has to support my daughter and any kids they have? Only the bare minimum subsistence level the man must be able to provide.  And I would allow him to mostly figure out how to optimize his money to maintain that.




What if there was a rape trial and the armed court deputy shot the victim’s advocate, prosecutor or judge?

What if the security at a corporate headquarters puts the HR director in a headlock and chokes her to death in front of the male IT worker she just fired for sexual misconduct?

What if a carrier strike group with tens of thousands of sailors is told they can’t visit women while on liberty in Southeast Asia and the admiral sailed his ships and his men right back across the Pacific and Silicon Valley got vaporized?

In an act of treason, who is the actor betraying ?

Restrict and monitor communication between women

Society should be structured in a way that limits women’s ability to communicate with other women.  Laws should be passed prohibiting more than a certain number of women associating without the permission of their husbands or boyfriends.  Gossip detection algorithms should be built into every type of surveillance grid.  AI and machine learning can be used to give text alerts to boyfriends and husbands whenever their women are gossiping and patterns indicate the women are plotting against men.

Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Larry Nassar have Nelson Mandela status

Let’s have support rallies outside prisons where men are incarcerated for rape.  Regard these men as imprisoned heroes.  At every gymnastics event guys should fill every seat in the stadium and hold up signs saying “Pardon Dr Larry”.  Claim that these men did indeed have sex with the women aggressively and by suprise, and that’s a good thing and that the women all enjoyed the experience.  Accept that as a man you have power over women,  you can manipulate and take advantage of women, and that’s a good thing.  Women are part of God’s bounty blessed on the universe, for men to take advantage of and make babies.