Events and media, and societal control agendas decoded.

There is a story from Washington State of Ryan Alan Hade.  This individual was 7 years old when he was attacked by a man naned Earl Kenneth Shriner.  Shriner molested Hade and cut off Hade’s dick.

The incident occurred on May 20, 1989, a Saturday evening, in a wooded area in Tacoma.  Hade was riding a red bicycle in the neighborhood when Shriner attacked and dragged Hade into the woods.

Neighbors found Hade naked except for sandals on his feet. They called police who then radioed for an ambulance to take Hade to nearby Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital once officers realized Hade had been emasculated.

The wooded and overgrown area near 80th Street was later cleared out and made into a kids park and playground in honor of the event, named Celebration Park or Ryan’s Park.

Hade became known as “little Tacoma boy” and the event led to Washington State passing the nation’s first “sexually violent predator” law which allows for indefinite confinement of anyone who repeat offends certain violent sex acts.  Shriner, who had a history of sexually violent acts, was sentenced to 131 years in the state penitentary.

Hade grew up and according to some, was able to get his penis reconstructed although few details are known on how much function it had.  Hade was killed in a motorcycle crash, riding a yellow Suzuki, near the city of Yelm on June 9, 2005, at age 23.

There are some interesting details of this story indicating coded agenda.  There are lots of signs when one examines what looks like too many coincidinces.

The movie ET was released in 1982, the year Ryan Alan Hade was born.   E is the 5th letter, T is the 20th letter.  May 20 is 5-20 ET.  The cover of the movie ET shows a little boy riding a red bicycle across a full moon over a forested suburban area.  May 20 1989 was a full moon.

Shriner could be labeled the Emasculator of Tacoma (ET).

A line in the movie ET which caused much controversy given that ET was marketed as a family movie, was someone being called the name “penis brain”.  Ryan Hade died in a motorcycle crash so his cause of death was likely brain injury.  Hade rode a bicycle and his penis was destroyed and later rode a motorcycle and his brain was destroyed.  Penis Brain.

I would now like to introduce my readers to a concept called gematria, a way of coding numbers into words.  Gematria is used by the secret organizations that run media, government,  banking, academia and all influential forces for planning their ways to control society.

Visit for a calculator and explanation of gematria and its many ciphers.

Little Tacoma Boy has been spelled Lil’ Tacoma Boy in some publications.  Lil Tacoma Boy is 47 in gematria when the Full Reduction cipher is used.  The first UFO event to be well known happened in the year ’47 in Washington State near Mount Rainier.  The Washington State capitol in Olympia, where the first Sexually Violent Predator law was passed, is exactly on the 47th latitude and 123 longitude.

123 is 100 years for the age of Washington State at the time (1889-1989) and 23 was Hade’s age at death.  47 is one of the most important numbers in freemasonry.

Thirty years after Ryan and Earl met and Earl emasculated Ryan, not exactly to the date but the same month, May 2019, some media events caught my eye:

-One was a woman repeatedly showing up at the CIA headquarters asking to speak to “agent penis”. Agent Penis in gematria full reduction is 47.

-Another one was a story of how some pilots from Whidbey flew their fighters and drew a penis in the sky over Western Washington using their vapor trails.  The sky penis drawing incident occurred in the fall of 2017 (very soon after the Harvey Weinstein stuff started).  But for some reason it appeared in the media again near May 2019 with the image of the penis drawn in the clear blue sky shown vividly in almost every article.

-Also, Ryan’s mother spoke at a press conference at the park in Tacoma on the 30th anniversary of her son’s emasculation, where she promoted more laws and restrictions on sex avtivity.

Ryan Alan Hade died at age 23.  23 is the gematria of MeToo.  Harvey Weinstein happened right after Hurricane Harvey.  One imagines what was in the vapor trails left by the jets that drew the penis in the sky right after Weinstein.  The pilots reportedly noticed their vapor trails were unusually thick and that prompted them to draw the penis, according to what they said when asked why they did it.



Vagina always wins as long as men are scared of vagina

When guys such as “MGTOW” kind of stuff warn dramatically about how women will ruin you they are only validating the feminists

Vagina always wins as long as you’re scared of vagina.

Men should run towards women not away from women.  When a man is caught sexually misconducting a woman he should revel in his notoriety.  R Kelly should brag about his conquests of young girls and women, and other men should admire him for that more than his music.  Brett Kavanaugh should admit he raped a woman at a party back in the 70s and say it was fun for her and him both.

Society and what’s acceptable is always changing.  That was bacj then this is now.  And tomorrow will not be today.  What’s not acceptable today might be acceptable tomorrow .  Today it’s socially acceptable for women to rule over men.  Today it’s socially acceptable for men to submit to women.  Tomorrow it will not be socially acceptable for men to submit to women or for women to rule over men.

Women make lots of noise.  So do many other things we can ignore or even enjoy the sound of.  Its a matter or perception which changes with tine.  What was unimaginable back then is happening today and what happens tomorrow will be unimaginable today.

How the father of a young girl should be

If I had daughters I would give my prettiest daughter to a man who is socially disadvantaged in some way.  I feel that it is a benevolent deed to give a beautiful young woman to an ugly, disabled, or otherwise undesired by society man.

The archetype of the over protective dad is interfering with the girl’s right to marry.

As for money the man has to support my daughter and any kids they have? Only the bare minimum subsistence level the man must be able to provide.  And I would allow him to mostly figure out how to optimize his money to maintain that.


Restrict and monitor communication between women

Society should be structured in a way that limits women’s ability to communicate with other women.  Laws should be passed prohibiting more than a certain number of women associating without the permission of their husbands or boyfriends.  Gossip detection algorithms should be built into every type of surveillance grid.  AI and machine learning can be used to give text alerts to boyfriends and husbands whenever their women are gossiping and patterns indicate the women are plotting against men.